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About Will Berkman

Will holds a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports science and a Master’s in Nutrition and Dietetics, both from the University of Sydney. He has been coaching lifters since 2014, and now works with beginner through elite powerlifters both within Australia and internationally. He also works with general population clients and collaborates with other allied health professionals. He has hosted seminars on strength training, coaching practice, and nutrition, as well as producing ongoing educational content for fitness professionals.

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Weakly Weights Podcast

Will is a cohost of Weakly Weights – an Australian podcast focusing on powerlifting, strength training, and the art of coaching, featuring some of the biggest names in the fitness industry as guests.

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Read in-depth blogs covering training for hypertrophy, general strength and the sport of powerlifting, as well as nutrition. A mixture of theory, practical applications, and discussions of the art of coaching and training.

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Podcast Appearances
Podcast Appearances
  My own podcast, Weakly Weights, is located on Podbean and iTunes Other podcast appearances Luke Tulloch Podcast – Training volume – listen here Luke…