About Will

My name is Will Berkman

I am from Sydney, Australia. I have an undergraduate degree in Exercise and Sports Science and a Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Sydney.

I have represented Australia twice in powerlifting and had the privilege of coaching lifters of all abilities in the sport. Previously my athletic background included elite rugby and a brief stint in weightlifting.

I underwent an approx 30kg weight loss journey after leaving high school, where I weighed as much as 116kg whilst playing as a front row forward.

I have been published in Fitness First Magazine discussing strength training and have delivered seminars on nutrition for health and performance.

I operate out of Lift Performance Centre in Redfern, coaching clients in powerlifting, general strength and hypertrophy training. I also work with everyday people who want to be stronger, fitter and acquire the knowledge and skills required to improve their own health and performance.

My goal  is to educate my clients on the principles of training, nutrition and health, whilst instilling the technique and work ethic required to safely and effectively pursue their  goals.


Nick Cheadle – @nickcheadlefitness