Optimism and Aspiration - two lenses with which to examine your training

In George Orwell’s dystopian masterpiece, 1984, there is a concept called “doublethink”. Doublethink entails the simultaneous acceptance of two contradictory beliefs, and part of what sets it apart is that true doublethink requires no sense of cognitive dissonance, or internal conflict from the logical implausibility of holding these positions. Doublethink is essential for political indoctrination
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Is "technique" training just practice?

When we think about technique training, we often think of performing a number of immaculate reps. I definitely think that practice has value – it engrains “correct” patterning, limits spillover fatigue that you’d otherwise accrue from inconsistent movement and allows for some conscious control of movement without sacrificing performance by virtue of being submaximal. However,
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Red Meat is Healthy Now?

Discussions about the role of meat in the diet are very much in vogue. The WHO recently classified processed meat as a class 1 carcinogen (ie – cancer-causing) and unprocessed red meat as a probable carcinogen. Questions of equity, environmental impacts, and animal welfare related to the consumption of meat have also meant that people
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Doubt yourself and improve as a coach

For context, consider the following story. I was having a discussion with a client today. Her best squat is 145kg, and in her last peak we squatted 142.5. In previous peaks she has gotten super beaten up, and occasionally her squat performance has been up and down, which impacted her confidence under heavy loads. Furthermore,
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The Coach's Toolbox - Training prescription, Cueing and Feedback

In this article I want to explore the coach’s toolbox a little, and see how manipulating exercise prescription, cueing and feedback can help promote learning. The genesis of this piece was actually a presentation I listened to by my friend and colleague Rob Flett, delivered on behalf of the Lift Professional Development group. Rob’s also
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Training Tidbits 1 - "How hard should I train"

This is the second article in a row that I’ve begun by apologising for being lazy about writing, but the fact is that I have. I’ve been busy with my podcast, Weakly Weights, and putting together automated training templates for the Macabolic Minicut, as well as endeavouring to do a decent job in my in-person
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