Doubt yourself and improve as a coach

For context, consider the following story. I was having a discussion with a client today. Her best squat is 145kg, and in her last peak we squatted 142.5. In previous peaks she has gotten super beaten up, and occasionally her squat performance has been up and down, which impacted her confidence under heavy loads. Furthermore,
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The Coach's Toolbox - Training prescription, Cueing and Feedback

In this article I want to explore the coach’s toolbox a little, and see how manipulating exercise prescription, cueing and feedback can help promote learning. The genesis of this piece was actually a presentation I listened to by my friend and colleague Rob Flett, delivered on behalf of the Lift Professional Development group. Rob’s also
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Training Tidbits 1 - "How hard should I train"

This is the second article in a row that I’ve begun by apologising for being lazy about writing, but the fact is that I have. I’ve been busy with my podcast, Weakly Weights, and putting together automated training templates for the Macabolic Minicut, as well as endeavouring to do a decent job in my in-person
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The thing I focus on most when coaching the squat

Sometimes you hear other people say something that you already know, but the way in which they express it is so elegant that it helps you clarify your own thinking on the topic. Recently on Weakly Weights we had a guest, Nathan Baxter, who described the powerlifts by attempting to distil them to their simplest
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Be a better training partner

I read something funny the other day on the Instagram story of a friend, saying “contrary to popular belief, screaming “easy weight” to your training partner before a set doesn’t ACTUALLY make the weight any easier”. It was good for a chuckle, but it also made me think about what it is to actually be
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Weight loss diets - starting by reducing fat is often a good idea

Just like my HYPERTROPHY ARTICLE, this is an opinion piece as opposed to an attempt to systematically answer a question. In this instance, the question is “should weight loss diets be lower fat or lower carb?”. The answer, strictly speaking, is that it doesn’t matter. Provided protein and energy intake is matched, and presuming perfect
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