IIFYM - Don't be dumb

If you like this content and want to learn more from me, check out Fitness Fundamentals – a website providing the most up to date, applicable fitness information, run by my colleague Luke Tulloch and with content written by me. Yet another article on If It Fits Your Macros (hereafter IIFYM). I know these have
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Strength training articles

See below for the links to a two part article series I contributed for Fitness First Magazine about strength training. Note that the nutrition subsections were not written by me   Part One   Part Two   If you like this stuff, I’ll send you more stuff. It’s free, sign up here.
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Training and Eating on Holiday

Originally posted on Lucid Health Coaching’s blog I’m Will Berkman – I’m a personal trainer, exercise/sports scientist and dietitian (although – full disclosure, I haven’t completed my accreditation). I’ve represented Australia twice in powerlifting with no great distinction. I’ve been as heavy as 116kg of handsome blob and DEXA scanned at <9% bodyfat at 85-87kg
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