Home Workout Templates

Home Workout Templates

A customisable home workout builder, designed to be used with limited equipment. Pick from exercises using a combination of bodyweight, band resistance, dumbbells/kettlebells, and weighted backpacks.

The Home Workout Templates integrate your choices and feedback, and help you make better training decisions. They suggest progressions in load, repetitions performed, and to substitute exercises as necessary across 3 distinct phases of training.

Choose from the following options
– 3 day full body routine
– 4 day upper/lower split routine
– 4 day full body routine
– 5 day routine

What this program IS
1 – A workout planner. The spreadsheets are built to ensure that you are training productively. They measure your performance and suggest alterations to your next session to keep you progressing.

2 – Individualised. The progressions in your workouts are nearly all determined by your feedback. It will, within bounds, push you as hard as is needed, and no harder.

3 – Flexible. There are up to 400 possible exercise selections in some categories in these programs. Whilst some choices are certainly better than others, you should pick based off of your equipment and what is familiar and comfortable to you.

4 – For general health and body composition training in the absence of a fully-equipped gym.

What this program ISN’T
1 – A rehab program. If you are injured, or experience pain when exercising, do not commence this program without having received complete clearance to train.

2 -Instructional material. There are not tutorials for the exercises contained within this program. You should be choosing exercises that you are already familiar with, or referring to other tutorial material where necessary. The variety of choices available should make finding appropriate choices within each category possible, even with equipment limitations.

3 – Entirely automated. For the program to adjust to you, you will need to enter information into the spreadsheet as per the instructions. It will still tell you what to do, if you don’t, but you won’t get the best experience from it.

4 – A specialist barbell or sports program. The exercise options are written to use any combination of bodyweight, weighted backpacks, resistance bands, and kettlebells/dumbells. Whilst it could, in principle, work with other exercise options, they are not include. If you are training for a specific goal or athletic activity, this program may not suit your individual needs. You should consult with a coach

5 – A cardiovascular training program. The templates prescribe resistance training only. You are welcome to include additional cardiovascular training on top of the templates – if you choose to do so, I suggest using one of the 3 or 4 day templates.

See below for examples from the spreadsheets (Examples drawn from the 3 day templates. No exercises or progress notes have yet been entered).

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3