Podcast Appearances

Podcast Appearances


My own podcast, Weakly Weights, is located on Podbean and iTunes

Other podcast appearances

Luke Tulloch Podcast – Training volume listen here

Luke Tulloch Podcast – Progressive overload, adding sets vs adding reps/load, coaching practice and communication – listen here

Macabolic Podcast – Basic training “need to knows” – listen here

Macabolic Podcast – Do you need a training program? – listen here

Hyperformance Podcast – Personal training post-COVID, the internetlisten here

Hyperformance Podcast – Powerlifting federations, technique, coaching, deadlift cues – listen here

Beth Clare Fitness, the Podcast – Classifying your training age – listen here

Strength Culture’s Quantum Lifting – “Over coaching”, cueing, and playing guitar – listen here

The Amir Fazeli Podcast – Fitness Business, Online Coaching and stuff – listen here

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