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1:1 Coaching

Work with Will online, or in-person. 1:1 coaching involves comprehensive individualised programming, frequent contact and collaboration, and a weekly video check-in. Spaces are limited.

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Squad Powerlifting Coaching

An affordable group-coaching service for intermediate powerlifters. Work on an individualised program built off of Will’s most successful templates, with the option of small-group in-person sessions. Squad coaching involves a weekly, comprehensive check-in process designed to foster the self-management and reflective skills that set you up for long-term training success.

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Online Video Consultation

Book a 45 minute conference call, held over Zoom, to discuss your current training or coaching practices with Will. For trainees, consultations are designed to help you overcome barriers in your current training, or plan for future productive blocks. For coaches, consultations revolve around improving your coaching practice, whether that be in programming, technical knowledge, or delivery systems.

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Level up with my blog

Read in-depth blogs covering training for hypertrophy, general strength and the sport of powerlifting, as well as nutrition. A mixture of theory, practical applications, and discussions of the art of coaching and training.

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Back Training - The skinny on getting jacked
Back Training - The skinny on getting jacked
I wrote an article on back training for the guys over at DNA Lean, it was originally posted here. In it, I cover back training…