Squad Powerlifting Coaching Application

Squad Powerlifting Coaching Application

    Squad Powerlifting coaching application

    Squad powerlifting is a group online coaching service that provides personalised programming prescription using a flexible training template.

    All squad members train on the same, 4-day layout. However, by gathering information on your training history and response, your training volumes, intensities, and exercise selection becomes progressively more individualised.

    Squad powerlifting coaching is targeted to those who have >6 months experience in lifting weights, and who are already competent with the powerlifts. You don’t need to be an expert by any means, but the programming and coaching method does not best service complete beginners. Squad members don’t have to have competitive goals or aspirations, although the programming is powerlifting-focused. The squad is designed for those who want to train hard, get stronger, and learn about themselves and about training in the process.

    Squad members join a Facebook group for support and Q&A, have weekly email check-ins, and access to semi-private in-person coaching. Squad memberships are limited to 20 people per intake.

    Weekly email check-ins allow me to have a global look at your training each week and give you feedback. By viewing each week as a whole, I can make objective assessments of how you are responding to your current training load.

    They also give you the chance to reflect on the week(s) preceding them and develop competency to self-assess and, to a degree, self-coach. Should you ever leave the squad, you should be more confident and knowledgeable than when you came in.

    Included in each weekly check-in are basic questions on your training, nutrition, sleep and lifestyle stress across the week, as well as specific reflection questions tied to the program.

    The time between check-ins also means that you may occasionally have to problem-solve in your own training when unforeseen circumstances arise. Check-ins then allow us an opportunity to review the success of your chosen strategies. Success in this arrangement requires you to take a degree of responsibility for your own training.

    The Squad templates include
    - A general hypertrophy phase - I use this in the on-boarding process to identify your rough volume tolerance, build some conditioning for the phases to come, and identify technical/muscular weak points.
    - A specific hypertrophy phase - after the on-boarding process, we start to narrow exercise selection down and focus on progressing loads.
    - A general strength phase - where we aim to build strength and target weak points with specific variations of the competition lifts.
    - A specific strength phase - where we push loads in the competition lifts further.
    - An optional peaking phase +/- taper and test week.

    The template allows us to move between and/or repeat phases depending on your needs and preferences, each time updating depending on our prior observations.

    In the on-boarding phase, trainees will require more frequent program updates as I adjust their exercise prescription to meet my observations. For this reason, the first 4 weeks and an on-boarding fee are payable up-front if you choose to proceed.

    I will email applicants to either confirm their acceptance into the squad and/or seek further clarification on their answers.

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